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About Us

Why Funsies Onesies?
Because you deserve to ‘fun yourself’ with whatever YOU want to do...whether it’s weird, crazy, boring or lazy. Be the unique person you want to be, because “normal” is nothing more than a setting on the washing machine. Whether you're singing Backstreet Boys karaoke and dancing awkwardly til 5am OR watching 6 seasons of Gossip Girl with a bottle of wine...we feel ya. Both are just as awesome.
By connecting an incredible onesie product with a lifestyle of positivity and joy, we captivate an audience that is passionate about precious little moments and a search for life fulfillment. We hope to stir up some hidden creative passion for people around the world by sharing and connecting others with similar values. Life is which adventure are you going to choose next?
Our Story 
Living in Colorado, we get our fair share of chilly winter months. After throwing two hugely successful onesie parties, it was clear that onesies were the way of the future. Two things that really rev our engines are: enjoying everyday life and being ultra comfy. Our goal was to find the perfect blend of the two. We know we’re not the only ones that love having fun and being comfortable. That's why we set out to create a brand of luxury adult onesies with an unforgettable energy to inspire. Our goal is to energize, uplift and motivate the world's onesie lovin' bodies. Because sometimes everyone needs a reminder to enjoy life's little moments and let those creative minds run free! Go Fun Yourself!
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